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We are the UK chapter of the ICF, the global support network for professional coaches working in business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, leadership and many other coaching specialisations.

Our mission is to advance the art, science and practice of what we do and to represent the highest quality in professional coaching through high standards, independent certification and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.


  • "Membership of the UK ICF has been and still is an important part of my coaching journey. Initially membership was a goal for professional credibility; now it is more of a partnership of learning and sharing as I develop my coaching practice and lead the Salisbury Coaching Circle.
    Ross Nichols, UK ICF Local Group - Salisbury Coaching Circle and NLP Group"
  • "It's Great to be part of a growing, thriving and challenging community of coaches based throughout the UK and across the Globe!
    Access to a rolling programme of online webinars deliver regular, affordable and accessible Professional Development opportunities, that enhance and develop my competency as a coach and a developing network of local coaching groups provide the time and space for face to face inspiration, learning, and connections.
    Mike White, UK ICF Local Group - Shropshire Coaches Group "
  • "I joined the ICF to become connected with the large community of professional coaches and leading experts in the profession. It’s taken my CPD to the next level as I’m now leading one of the local groups, London Business Development Group, which is a special interest group for coaches who want help with getting more clients and marketing their practice.
    Lisa Farr, UK ICF Local Group - London Business Development Group "