January 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the January Newsletter

Happy New Year!  Imagine a year where we strive to understand one another, where our challenges arrive gently and where we are the very best version of ourselves more often.  That’s my hope for us all this year.  I hope 2017 is loaded with opportunities for you to shine, have fun and make a difference.  May all your challenges result in learning and growth.

Warm wishes,

Janet Wilson PCC
UK ICF Charter Chapter

Working For You

As you know the UK ICF Board is made up of UK ICF members who volunteer their time, experience, ideas and strategies to support the growth of the coaching in the UK.  This year I am joined by Sarah Gornall, Sarah Urquart, Jane Sadler Kidd and Kaveh Mir who are continuing to serve on the board.  We are delighted to introduce Maria Katsarou and Lisa Face who will be joining the team.  If you would like more information about the current members please find it here.

We are very grateful to all those who have been generous with their time in 2016.  I would like to mention and acknowledge 3 people who have now stepped off the board, Joy Harcup, John Freeman and Shamim Nasser.

joy_harcup-jpgJoy Harcup, our President in 2015, has worked as a member of the board for 6 years.  She has made a huge contribution to the UK Chapter and to coaching in the UK.  Working tirelessly to build a spirit of collaboration between the major bodies in the UK she has contributed significant pieces of work to raise awareness and clarity about ethics, credentialing and the requirements of a coaching professional.

john-freeman-2John Freeman stepped down after 3 years on the board where he held the role of Finance Director and Company Secretary.  His legacy has been a change in the accounting procedures which has ensured ease and accuracy.  It was his idea to take part in the CIPD Learning and Development Exhibition last year, an idea which raised the profile of the ICF and provided a platform to talk to and inform different people about our organisation.

shamim2Shamim Nasser has given a year of her time to support us with PRISM.  A result of the work she did was the great article in Coaching at Work.  Shamim has also done great work building relationships with some of our key stakeholders.

I know you will join me in thanking all three for their contribution to our chapter.

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, we’ve made some important changes and have implemented some new operational systems and practices to ensure a smooth service to our members.  Alison and Steve will be managing more of the day to day running of the chapter, thereby freeing directors up to look at new and innovative ways of providing value.

Helping Our Members Develop as Coaches

We are excited by the increase in the attendance of our Professional development Webinars.

During 2016 the UK Chapter offered a varied professional development programme. We have held 20 paid and 9 free webinars. The free webinars have included 7 supporting credentialing and 2 on ethics. Total attendees on webinars was 938 with 709 attending the paid events and 229 the free webinars. On average we have around 35 people attending these events. The MCC masterclasses generously offered by our MCC members are always very popular and I would like to thank our MCC coaches who volunteer to support us all.

Since September 2016 we introduced the additional benefit of being able to purchase recordings of the webinars, this has proved to be very popular with just over 400 being sold and enabling even more of our members to keep developing their learning and keep their skills sharp.

Thanks to your feedback we have some fascinating speakers lined up during the first quarter of 2017.  Be sure to check out our schedule and remember that if you can’t make the time of the live webinar you can buy the recording and still earn your CCEUs for that session.

Full details of up and coming webinars and events can be seen here on the UK ICF website.

Save The Date For The Conference

crystal-resizedDuring International Coaching Week 2017 we will be holding our Annual Conference. As the realities of BREXIT and a new US President emerge our theme this year will focus on coaching through uncertainty. We have some wonderful speakers lined up.
Please find out more here.

Later this year (August) we have the return of the Global Conference. For more information, please click here.

Influencing & Promoting Coaching Worldwide

global-prismThe Global PRISM Award was won by GlaxoSmithKline and their nominating coach was none other than Adrian Machon PCC from the UK.  If you’ve got a corporate client who is doing great work implementing coaching throughout the organisation, look out for news of the 2017 UK PRISM Award nominations coming soon.

We are excited to have Hilary Oliver, past UK ICF President, as the Global President in 2017.  Tracy Sinclair (past UK ICF president) will continue to influence the future of coaching on the global board.

 Following the successful attendance as exhibitors at the 2016 CIPD L&D Show, we will be taking a stand at the bigger CIPD Annual Conference in Manchester in November this year – more opportunities to promote ICF to corporate buyers and create opportunities for our members.  If Manchester is local to you come along and say hi.

Working with Other Coaching Bodies and Stakeholders

There are interesting joint events scheduled and we are excited to be working with Coaching at Work and others as part of a group looking at the future of coaching in the UK.

Joint events coming up are:

6th Ridler Report Webinar: Evaluation of Coaching at E.ON UK on 30th January where Clive Mann of Ridler & Co will summarise the latest research into coaching evaluation in the 6th Ridler Report. Following which Sam Oldman of E.ON UK will explain how E.ON UK has demonstrated a substantial quantitative return on its investment in executive coaching. Full details can be seen here.

There is an evening event on 7th February looking at Coaching: An emerging profession – or just a spanner in the HRD toolbox where Professor Gray will deliver a presentation on the findings of his global survey on the professional identity of coaches. Full details can be seen here.

Building The Chapter

We are delighted with the rise in membership over the last 12 months and are developing opportunities to meet more of our members in 2017.

New Members webinar:  We would like to give all new members the opportunity to join a webinar where we will be sharing information about the UK Chapter and answering any questions you might have.  If you have recently joined the UK ICF and would like to attend this webinar please register here.

Local Coaching Groups:  We know that coaches love meeting other coaches and we are looking for volunteers to help us offer these opportunities around the UK.  We will be offering a great deal of support to anyone who has the interest and energy to explore running a group.  Please do let us know by completing the attached form which you can access here.
Special Interest Groups:  Some members have approached us with the desire to collaborate with other members around their special interest.  We would like to invite more suggestions and opportunities so if you are keen to form a SIG please fill in the attached form which you can access here.

Useful Information

We would like to highlight a few great articles from Coaching World and the ICF Blog: