Volunteer for our Pro Bono ICF Coaching Initiative – CIPD Manchester Event


Volunteer for our Pro Bono ICF Coaching Initiative
presented at Manchester CIPD Event

UK ICF Chapter needs you!

We would like to ask for your support for an exciting initiative taking place 8 -9 November in Manchester. UK ICF in collaboration with ICF Global has a stand this year at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition at Manchester Central and is looking to offer Pro Bono coaching from an array of talented and effective ICF coaches across the UK and Europe.

The conference is the largest and most successful HR event in the UK with focus on the major shifts that are affecting organisations, the HR profession, and the world of work at large. This exhibition draws thousands of visitors, from a worldwide community of over 140,000 CIPD members committed to professional development plus thousands of L&D practitioners in the UK, a mix of senior HR people, business people and training and coaching professionals with real buying power.

A link to the event can be found by clicking here.

Would you like to volunteer?

If so, you are in good company!

In order to raise the profile of coaching and specifically ICF coaching, we are offering pro bono coaching to potential buyers of coaching. Through the 2 days of the event, our initiative will be advertised at our stand to match potential coachees and ICF Coaches (Pro Bono Volunteers) to have a ‘taster session’ within one month of the matching. We think this ‘free coaching taster’ initiative will draw a lot of attention from HR professionals and other visitors.

Our offer:

The people who visit the ICF stand at the conference will be offered the opportunity for a free telephone/virtual coaching session in the subsequent weeks in whatever language they would like to choose (most have English as their mother tongue). The session is to be 45 minutes in length and participating coaches should be a great role model of ICF competencies and ethics.

Interested potential coachees who visit our stand will be able to search our database and sign up to be matched with a coach.

We will connect our volunteer coaches (hopefully you!) and the coachee via email and the free ‘taster’ session is to take place within one month of the match.
Last year we successfully matched 80 visitors with volunteer coaches.

Criteria for Volunteers:

In order to showcase what ICF does best, we would like to ensure that volunteers meet the following requirements:
• you must be registered members of ICF and hold at least an ACC credential
• you must offer professional coaching and have at least one year’s professional coaching experience
• you must be happy to submit a short profile, including a photo, for our Coach database by the 13th October 2017 deadline
• finally, you must commit not to contact the pro bono assigned ‘trial’ client more than through one commercial e-mail after you have conducted the free coaching session. You need to accept that any continuation of the relationship with the ‘trial’ client has to be initiated by the client.

Why should you volunteer?

This initiative is a great opportunity for participating coaches to:
• get in touch with new potential clients, especially HR professionals and buyers of coaching, which can help to grow their business
• demonstrate the quality of ICF competency-based coaching and their specific coaching abilities and style
• help ICF in the UK to spread and enhance the image of a global association for professional coaches

Our appeal to you:

In order to offer as many talented coaches and coaching opportunities for potential buyers of coaching to choose from we need your help! We would highly appreciate if you could be one of our ICF Pro Bono Volunteer Coaches. The minimum you need to invest is 45 minutes for a pro bono coaching session and you will receive the opportunity to expand your business and network by delivering a fantastic coaching experience to a visitor of the exhibition. Equally important, you will continue to uphold the standard of ICF coaching, promote professional coaching and make a difference in furthering the reach of our community.

In order to volunteer for this initiative, please RSVP directly to admin@coachfederation.org.uk and attach your by Short Profile Sheet  13th October 2017.

Anyone with questions should contact admin@coachfederation.org.uk

On behalf of Janet Wilson, UK ICF Chapter President, Sarah Gornall, President-Elect and the rest of the Board of the Directors, I wish to extend to you my warmest thanks for any time you can volunteer.

If you are planning to visit the CIPD Event in November, please come and see us so we can share our progress with the Pro Bono Coaching initiative and thank you in person!

With Kind Regards,

Karen Foy, PCC

UK ICF Board Director