Membership Opportunity: Embercombe

Embercombe is a Devon based social enterprise and charity with a bold aim; to reconnect residents and course participants with their authentic selves, resourcing them to live passionate, intimate and purposeful lives, equipped to meet challenges with strength and determination. Their purpose is to be a powerful and innovative catalyst for the emergence of leaders and change agents who will take courageous action for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world. They run leadership programmes for adults and for young people; offer volunteering and assistantship programmes; offer venue hire and coaching; and design and deliver educational programmes for groups of young people.

The Ask: They are looking for coaches to provide a series of 1 hour coaching sessions, starting in March 2018, face to face (near Exeter) or virtually, for a minimum of 3 sessions. Coaches should:-

● Be ICF members who sign up to the code of ethics
● Have a completed (or nearly completed) a coaching qualification
● Have independent supervision (or if not, are willing to be in supervision organised by Embercombe)

In return: Embercombe aims to support coaches in their professional development and to offer barter type recompense, which can be discussed together, to ensure that the coaching is appropriate for entering into a professional log of coaching hours. The offer is:

● 10% off their flagship programmes: The Journey and Speaking Out (early booking necessary)
● Some group supervision, depending on availability. Embercombe currently has two highly experienced supervisors supporting their coaches.
● Travel expenses to any face to face sessions at Embercombe – petrol at 30p per mile
● Free refreshments and an organic, vegan lunch, when coaching at Embercombe
● A private, warm room on site at Embercombe for coaching sessions
● Informed coachees: The Community Coordinator, Ros, will discuss the possible purposes and limitations of coaching with each coachee, before they attend an initial chemistry session with a coach of their choice. After the chemistry session, coach and coachee will choose to continue with sessions, or not.

How to apply:
If you are interested in applying, please send Ros with the information below or call 01647 252983 / 07944705289 to arrange an exploratory phone call. Please send: –

● Your contact details
● A short description of your approach to coaching
● A short description of your experience
● A professional photo, if that feels comfortable to you
● A rough estimate of the time you may be able to commit