2019 UK ICF Conference – “Reimagining Coaching” Invitation to Speak

Next years conference is “Reimagining Coaching” and will be held on the 7th May 2019

Focus:  The UKICF recognises there are multiple factors which will change and drive the landscape within which coaches operate and we want to be prepared for the future. The conference will be a forum to explore a number of factors and how coaching might be ‘re-imagined’, prepare for, and drive its own future.

Factors identified include:

  • the development, deployment and impact of scientific research including new technologies;
  • shifting demographics and evolving needs and expectations of coachees and clients;
  • the global shift towards organisations creating internal coaching resources, developing coaching cultures and internal coach training faculties;
  • recognition of the benefits of coaching to support health and well being across all sectors of society;
  • challenges facing young people in education and beyond;
  • the increasing levels of competition for coaches building their businesses.

We are inviting anyone interested in presenting/speaking to submit an application for sessions that would address one or more of the factors identified above, or any linked subjects they feel would be relevant. We are interested in new thinking and/or research based content. Your submission should identify explicitly the new insights being presented.

Sessions will, wherever practicable, be experiential in nature and could include: panel and/or participant debate, group activities and discussion, demonstrations, case studies etc, as well as a level of virtual engagement or pre work for participants in advance of the conference.

The Speaker Submission Form can be downloaded here:

2019 Speaker Submission Form and the deadline for submission is 12th November 2018

Please return the form to ukicf@cl-events.com

  • The submission of a completed form does not guarantee a speaking slot on the programme.
  • All submissions will be assessed ‘blindly’ by a UK ICF Speakers Panel made up of three people.
  • Sessions will be assessed according to fit with the conference theme and programme, level of engagement and the degree of new insights and learning provided to delegates.
  • In the event the panel feel a session has merit but requires some revision they will contact the presenter to discuss further before acceptance of the proposal.
  • Successful presenters will be notified by 30th November
  • Any changes to content or presenter, after acceptance, must be agreed in writing with UK ICF.
  • If your session is selected, the information in this proposal may be reproduced in conference promotions