14th June

New For 2018 – Fancy a deep dive into the competencies?

Whether you are an experienced coach or working towards ACC you will want to be a part of this exciting new initiative: a year-long series of webinars devoted to the competencies. Each month one of our MCC colleagues will bring their experience and learning to bear on one of the competencies to bring them to life. There will be an opportunity to discuss the competency with some of the most experienced coaches in our UK community, to learn how they, and others on the call, use them in their coaching. Each call will reflect the style of the master coach leading the session, so you are likely to learn new techniques, observe real time coaching and whichever accreditation you are aiming for next you will gain great insights.

Core Competency details

1 CCEU Resource Development CCEU’s  

If you would like a CCEU certificate then please email admin@coachfederation.org.uk.  with the 2 passwords.