19th September

Summary of Webinar:

Many of my  trainee team coaches  and supervision clients believe that they need more tools and models to improve their coaching practice but this is rarely the case.  Most of us need to ‘use ourselves’ much more freely in service of our clients if we want to develop our Coaching Presence.

When we’re overly focused on our own performance; on ‘getting  it right,’ ‘adding value’ and asking ‘good’ questions we can lose our Coaching Presence.  This also happens when we’re fearful of saying ‘the wrong thing;’ when we over-support and under-challenge or vice versa.

When we can be truly present with our client, dance in the moment, trust our instincts and our ‘gut’ we become really powerful coaching ‘partners’ – and we can all learn to do this in every coaching session. Coaching Presence often means saying and doing ‘less’ not ‘more’.

Key Outcomes:

  • What is ‘Coaching Presence’ and why does it matter?
  • How to ‘use your self as instrument’ to grow your Coaching Presence  – every day!
  • How performance anxiety gets in the way of Coaching Presence and what to do about it.

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