20th February

  • Experience and Learn 3 Somatic Practices to support coaching presence in
    coaching to the whole person
  • Gain understanding from the latest brain/body research of the value of a
    congruence among the body, emotions, and language and how to support a
    client with ways of noticing and adjusting this congruence.
  • Experience and learn ways of moving the body to allow, accept, and release
    emotions when the client chooses to explore emotions

The Power of Somatics in Coaching has become evident in the study of the
body/brain science and its impact on learning. Coaching is about supporting
our clients in learning… experiencing a new awareness or seeing a new
possibility. Learning begins in the body with making meaning of the sensations we feel and then express in thoughts and words. In this session we will experiment with 3 somatic practices that serve the coach and that might be offered to a client. We will explore the difference it makes to bring coherence among the body, emotions, and language around something that is getting in the way of the realization of a goal. We will explore ideas of how to use somatics within ourselves (the coach) to observe how the client is being around what he brings to coaching… and thus allow the client to make a new meaning… a new awareness… a new possibility to realize a goal.


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