26th April

Key Outcomes:
1) Introduction to  Enneagram
2)Understand coaching potential of using Enneagram model for leadership coaching
3) How to work with Enneagram for leadership coaching
4) How Enneagram relates to other leadership coaching models (i.e. leadership agility)

Summary of Webinar:
The Enneagram is an enormously inspirational and powerful tool for both personal and leadership
development. It is currently under-used by coaches, or used with limited potential. In this webinar you
will learn how the Enneagram can  help you as coaches create a dynamic leadership development
plan for individual leaders, and its huge potential for developing teams, whether national or
international, working in-person or remotely. And you will get an insight into your own potential
Enneagram type and how understanding this can enhance your own development as a coach.

1 Resource CCEU

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