27th September

Summary of Webinar:

Creating awareness is a rich and exciting competency that shifts coaching from problem solving into a space of personal transformation and learning. With greater awareness and fewer blind spots, we can better move through life with grace, ease and creativity. We are better placed to spot and leverage our greatest opportunities. Life is happier and more fulfilled. As coaches we tend to agree I think, that human beings create their own reality – but to what extent do you consciously believe and live that for yourself? And how, with a little more consciousness of the mechanisms of reality creation, can we support our coachees to deeper levels of life-changing awareness?

Who the coachee is being in their own life and how they are behaving are of course, both key to success. Many coaches struggle to identify the line between being non-directive and taking sufficient permission to invoke enquiry into those arenas that will free their coachees up to be more and achieve more in life. We will explore this together and shed some light on this tricky but empowering boundary.

Key Outcomes:

  • Deepen our consciousness around how human beings create their own reality – and therefore how to more readily create a different one.
  • Consider how we can free people up to do the thing that makes the most difference to them.
  • Move beyond awareness as a series of insights into awareness as a tool for conscious creation of the future.
  • Free ourselves up from the constraints of “being non-directive” into the arena of “invoking enquiry”.

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