30th April

Summary of Webinar:

We all know how to listen.  It’s the number one competency of good coaching – and yet the way we listen can change the pace of the conversation.  In mastery, active listening increases the potential for conversations to be transformational.

Claire will share what she is learning about how to listen with your eyes, how to add value to your clients, and how to engage deeply without getting stuck in story.  One of the fundamental principles of Claire’s work is to notice and not diagnose.

She will demonstrate coaching mastery and we will all practice listening differently. There will be plenty to take away. If you don’t have any recent recordings of your own coaching, you may wish to do one so that you have material to work with what you are learning – after the call.

Key Outcomes:

  • Listen more simply
  • Coach more powerfully
  • Add value to your clients
  • Work less hard

1 Resource CCEU

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