4th October

Summary of Webinar:

This webinar will create insights about how to enable clients to lead in an agile and authentic manner in today’s environment of rapid change.  The webinar illustrates how neither IQ nor EI are sufficient to be an excellent leader in the 21stcentury; so what lies beyond Emotional Intelligence? That is where values, insight, instinct, intuition, purpose, intense will, ethics all come together into full consciousness to enable a leader to operate beyond their own self interest and create sustainable success for all stakeholders of their organisation.  The role of the coach in holding the reflective space for their coachees to take the journey towards transpersonal Radical Ethical Authentic Leadership is crucial.  This webinar provides the springboard for coaches to raise awareness and support the leaders they work with to be more than they even realise they can be in creating diverse, inclusive and successful places where people find meaning in work.

Key Outcomes:

  • Appreciation of the value of leading beyond the ego
  • Insights and techniques to help clients make better decisions aligned with values and purpose
  • Ideas to support leaders moving beyond Emotional Intelligence.
  • Using tool to create own touchstone & enable clients to create a touchstone for leading transpersonally

1.25 Resource Development CCEU’s 

If you would like a CCEU certificate then please email admin@coachfederation.org.uk.  with the 2 passwords.