5th September

Summary of Webinar:

Imagine for a moment what your clients would be doing if they could quiet that voice of “I’m not ready yet,” or “I need to get another degree before I can do that,” or “I don’t really know what I’m talking about here.”

We all grapple with self-doubt. And yet you know the amazing things your clients could do, and the joys they could experience, if only they weren’t being held back by insecurity.

This workshop is about how you can help them get there.

In this special 90-minute workshop for coaches, Tara Mohr, author and leading coach, will share key concepts and coaching tools from her pioneering Playing Big Facilitators Training. You’ll leave being able to immediately use these tools to help your clients quiet their inner critics so they can make big changes and courageously go for their true dreams, in both their professional and personal lives.

Key Outcomes:

  • The root cause of your clients’ inner critics (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to distinguish when you are hearing your clients’ inner critic versus a realistic assessment of risks or deficits
  • How gender and ethnicity impact how clients’ inner critics show up
  • Why you must have a strong inner critic toolkit if you’re a coach wanting to support women’s empowerment
  • The common mistakes coaches make in working with clients around the inner critic
  • Four highly effective tools that you can teach your clients to use when self-doubt arises, so that it no longer holds them back

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