Develop Your Associate Relationships with Ginny Baillie, MCC

You are in, you’ve been accepted as an associate – it’s very exciting….you’ve put a lot of effort in and it has paid off….or has it? Oh, they’ve just called, the bit of business that inspired them to look for more associates is not happening. But there’ll be more…hmmm, how come the phone is not ringing again. Or, you do get work but the fees are less than you expected, what’s that all about?

Every associate partner I have spoken to admits to having an inner circle of associates, those who get more business than the wider pool. How do you become one of them? How do you make sure you get better paid business?

In this webinar I aim to cast light on the world of the associate, with ideas and tips to help you strengthen your relationships with your associate partners and get better quality business. I’ll also share the pitfalls, some of the things that could go wrong, and help you to avoid making those same mistakes.