The Fine Art of Powerful Questions

During the webinar the participants will be encouraged to
explore five key questions:

  1. What does the word ‘powerful’ evoke in you?
  2. What makes a question powerful?
  3. Why are powerful questions important?
  4. How can we make our questions more powerful
  5. What do we mean by being provocative about
    powerful questions?

What does the word ‘powerful’ evoke in you?

The participants consider the word ‘powerful’,  and as coaches share their feelings, thoughts, expectations, hopes and anxieties. Further reflection on dictionary definitions of ‘powerful’ is invited and the contextual importance of power, prestige, influence, strength, force, and effect established.

What makes a question powerful?

With the context established the participants reflect on the question and feedback. Responses are acknowledged with reference to the need for a focus on clarity, action, discovery, and reflection for the client.

Why are Powerful Question’s important?

Einstein’s thinking, together with the requirements of the ICF Core Competency ‘Powerful Questioning’ is highlighted. The implicit
reference to influence, strength, force and effect of our questions in service of the client’s agenda and goals in the definitions of ‘powerful’ is noted.

How can we make our questions more powerful?

An overview of Vogt’s 3 Dimensions of Powerful Questions is presented and questions on the Architecture, Scope and Meaning/Context are offered with opportunities for feedback and reflection.

What do we mean by being provocative about powerful questions?

The context of ‘powerful’ is again noted and the participants are encouraged to reflect on their practice with reference to: the needs and readiness of the client; powerful with a big and small ‘P’; and tips on asking questions. As a final thought the webinar is closed with ‘The Client has the final say on how powerful your questions are’.