Part 1 – The 4Ps of Team Coaching

Outline the Principles and Process that underpin Leadership Team Coaching using Lynn Scott and Lois Burton’s  6 Step Team Coaching Process ;

Identify practical, tried and tested interventions that help teams to build awareness, create psychological shifts and behavioural change;

Share ‘lessons learned’ in service of improving our leadership team coaching interventions.

Leadership Team Coaching interventions require all of the 4Ps if they are to succeed.

This practical and interactive workshop series outlines what each of these 4Ps look like in practise and how you can incorporate each of them into your work with leadership teams.

We’ll explore the role of the ICF core competencies in leadership team coaching with particular reference to:

  • Setting the Foundation
  • Co-creating the Relationship and
  • Communicating Effectively.

We’ll look at practical exercises to help you build team awareness and help make the ‘unspoken spoken’

We’ll also get a chance to explore any ‘live issues’ you are facing with teams you are working with and I’ll share some of the lessons learned from my successes (and otherwise!) during my 15 years as a leadership team coach working with small, entrepreneurial teams, global executive teams and teams in the public and third sectors.

Presented by Lynn Scott, MCC

(Please note that this is Part 1 of a 3 part series of webinars.)