What is Team Coaching? with Dr Uwe Napiersky and Derryn Snowdon

“Announcing the start of a new Special Interest Group on the topic of TEAM COACHING . Run by Dr Uwe Napiersky and Derryn Snowdon, this group will meet 4 times a year (2 webinars based and 2 in person based events) with the intention of exploring team coaching and supporting the development of coaches working in that field. The first webinar is entitled What is team coaching?”

Key Outcomes of the webinar for attendees:

Understand the vision and logistic of the interest group
Explore the art and science of team coaching
Build a new community for ICF members who are interested in this new emerging field
Discuss the history of Team Coaching

We will explore together different views of what team coaching comprises. Our aim is to bring together people who are interested in Team Coaching and to share experiences, through acknowledging that there is no one common definition of team coaching .