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Psychological Perspectives in Coaching – Introduction to the Gestalt Approach

May 28, 2015 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

There are numerous psychological theories and methodologies each taking a different perspective of our human existence. The Gestalt approach focuses on how we perceive, experience and act in the world in the present moment. This means using awareness or mindfulness as the key tool to helping us live a more vital, meaningful and creative life. The emphasis is on trusting and working with an emergent, free flowing process rather than planning and goal setting. This naturally favours emotional and somatic feeling over cognitive reasoning. The Gestalt coaching process then is most concerned with the coachees experience in the moment with you, the coach. Change is addressed now, in relationship to you, not outside in the future – distinctly different from, but complimentary to, a Solutions/Goal Focused approach.

Desired Outcomes:

  • The basic principles of Gestalt Coaching
  • Gestalt in relation to other psychological approaches
  • Two distinctly different approaches to Change
  • Present centred and Future Centred coaching

Your Presenter: John Leary Joyce

John has been practicing Gestalt for 40 years culminating in writing a definitive book ‘Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work’.  He was a psychotherapist, trainer and Managing Director of the Gestalt Centre London for 12 years. As the founder in 2000 and now president of the Academy of Executive Coaching, he created an organisation dedicated to training executive coaches to develop their unique style of coaching and personal coaching model. So while John’s Gestalt influence permeates the fabric and work of the AoEC it is seen in perspective with all other psychological approaches. His is a portfolio career blending business leadership, team & individual coaching, supervising, training & presenting. He has a zest and passion for life aligned with his Gestalt principles expressed primarily through his work, grandchildren and dancing tango.

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