Local Coaching Groups

This page gives you information on active coaching groups within the UK. We’re regularly adding new entries for each area, so do visit again to see what’s new in your area.

We’ve also given the contact details for each group. If you would like to talk privately with the group host, do feel free to give them a call or send an e-mail. They’d love to hear from you.

Local Groups
York Peer Coaching Network
South West Local Group
The London Coaching Group (LCG)
The 3 Shires Coaching Group
London Business Development Group
South Midlands Coaching Central
Shropshire Coaches Group
Salisbury Coaching Group
Milton Keynes Local Coaches Group
Maidenhead Coaching Group
Southampton International Coach Federation Circle
Cambridge Coaching Group
Guildford Coaches Group
Edinburgh Coaching Hub
Doncaster Coaching Group
Cumbria Coaching Network
Chelmsford Coaching Group
North West Coaching Group

Setting up your own group

If you don’t find a suitable gathering in your area, here are some action points to get you started:

Contact the office at admin@coachfederation.org.uk

We can add you to our LinkedIn group for Local Coaching Group leaders where you can seek guidance and support from other coaches on how to start your group.

ICF can help you by:

  • Promoting your group and events on your own page on the new website and social media
  • Making suggestions on credible speakers willing to travel to your area.
  • Running calls and forums to connect and share experience

Once set up, please email admin@coachfederation.org.uk with the contact name, number and email address of the host and meeting details and we can add your group to this page.

If you are an ICF credentialed member and are looking to apply for CCEUs for your Group please contact the office for a CCEU application form on admin@coachfederation.org.uk.  See Guidance Notes: CCE Instructions for Leaders of Local Coaching Groups to apply for Continuing Coaching Education Units