Salisbury Coaching Group

We are a friendly CPD group for coaches, NLP practitioners and anyone who wants to learn more about coaching and NLP.  We have a broad mix of members including coaches and others from the helping professions such as counsellors and therapists.  We hold monthly meetings in Salisbury and our flagship event each year is Salisbury International Coaching Week (ICW).

Catchment area: Wilts, Dorset, Hants

For further information about our group:

  • Visit our webpage: – see our videos of Salisbury ICW which you may find interesting
  • Our Facebook Group (Salisbury Coaching Circle and NLP Group) continues to grow steadily so please join: You can register on FB to attend our meetings (each meeting is created as an Event in our FB group), which helps to reduce my inbox 🙂


  • Details for our next meeting are:
    * Date: 31 January 2019
    * Time: 7.00 ~ 9.15 pm
    * Venue: Tesco Community Room, Tesco Extra, Southampton Rd, Salisbury, SP1 2NY
    * Topic: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1 and 2
    * Speaker: Dave Crome
    * Event description: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument is a well known and very widely used personality assessment. The MBTI can provide a constructive framework to help individuals or teams with human interaction and personal development. This session will introduce the MBTI and the concept of individual preferences and discuss its use in coaching. Dave is a qualified Step 1 and 2 MBTI facilitator with over 10 years experience in using the MBTI with clients.
    * Admin: no charge; guests welcome; free parking; free refreshmentsForward Planner:
    28 Feb: TBA + confirm speakers and topics for Salisbury ICW
    28 Mar: TBA
    25 Apr: TBA
    29 Apr-05 May: ICW 2019
    07 May: ICF UK Conference
    30 May: TBA
    27 Jun: TBA
    Jul: summer break
    Aug: summer break
    26 Sep: TBA
    31 Oct: TBA
    28 Nov 2019: TBA
    Dec: Christmas break

    Purpose and Vision for the Group:
    * A supportive community for coaches, mentor-coaches and supervisors, NLP practitioners, and anyone interested in finding out more about coaching and NLP – all welcome.
    * Sponsored by the International Coach Federation (ICF) UK, however non members welcome.
    * The ICF may be able to provide CPD certificates for attendance in due course, and an occasional speaker.
    * A great opportunity to network with people with a shared interest, and to get some brief, focused coaching/NLP practice in a safe, friendly environment.
    * Default timetable: meet last Thursday of each month 19.00-21.15 hrs except for July, August and December
    * Format: speaker presentation on a coaching or related topic followed by open forum discussion. Occasionally we will do some coaching practice.
    * No hard selling or aggressive marketing please – the emphasis is on sharing and learning.

    Guidance for speakers/discussion leaders:
    * If you’d like to lead a discussion, please let me know your topic and dates you are available
    * Choose your format. this could be a talk, a lesson or demonstration, a discussion or a debate
    * Topics: coaching, NLP, relevant business topic for self-employed practitioners or any related topic
    * Plan on c 45 minutes

    Guidance for coaching practice:
    * Break into ‘triads’ and nominate roles: coachee, coach, observer
    * 15 minutes per coaching session, followed by 5 minutes feedback in sequence: o Coachee o Coach o Observer
    * Those new to coaching should start as an observer and client before trying their hand at coaching if they wish
    * Do ask open exploratory questions; don’t offer advice or solutions (unless it’s after the meeting)
    * Rotate roles every 20 minutes to provide 3 coaching sessions within the hour
    * Observer manages the time
    * Respect confidentiality and only reveal what you are comfortable revealing
    * Re-convene as one group at 9.00 pm to share reflective learning and confirm date of next meeting

    Other issues:
    * we don’t have a nominated coach supervisor for the group, however I have access to trained coach supervisors as well as the ICF (UK) Director for local coaching groups and I will follow up on any supervisory issues raised to me
    * To protect privacy, members’ email addresses are now ‘Bcc’