Shropshire Coaches Group

Shropshire Coaches Group.


Launched in 2016, we are a community of coaches working and/or living in Shropshire in search of Inspiration, Learning and Connection.


We see the Group as a great opportunity to:


  • Meet and connect with fellow coaches
  • Share ideas, perspectives and insights
  • Develop and reflect on your coaching style
  • Learn about new coaching tools, techniques and approaches


Up and Coming Events


We meet on a quarterly basis usually in Shrewsbury, 2pm to 5pm, and full event and venue details are circulated by email as they become available.


Remembering that all the best plans are subject to review and change our planned events for 2018/19 are:


Tuesday 13 March: Tools and Techniques Exchange, Phil Langstaff

Thursday 14 June: The Thinking Environment, Kevin Oubridge

Tuesday 11 September: Mindfulness in Coaching, Jane Grafton

Thursday 6 December: Aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Carol Harris

Wednesday 20 March 2019: Theme and Facilitator to be confirmed


Other activities include: walking and coaching, monthly virtual Meet Ups and

Co-coaching trio’s.


Activity details are also posted on our FaceBook page at:


Joining the Group is easy.


Just drop a line to:  and we’ll add you to our email circulation list.


We’re a diverse group of (at the moment) around 25 coaches and we look forward to welcoming you.


With Very Best Wishes


Mike White

Shropshire Coaches Group