UK ICF Prism Award

Launched in 2015, the UK ICF Prism Award celebrates organisations and institutions who have achieved excellence and have enhanced their performance through the deployment of coaching – where coaching is a people development and leadership effectiveness strategy.  These organisations can be in the private, public, and voluntary sector institutions.

In 2005, the International Coach Federation adopted the Prism Award to recognise organisations where professional coaching enhances employee performance and ultimately plays a key role in achieving excellence.  This award has become the epitome of what professional coaching can accomplish at the corporate level for organisations.

What are the benefits for ICF members nominating an eligible organisation?

  • Increase your visibility as a professional coach through demonstrating how coaching creates organisational success.
  • Deepen your relationship with your client.
  • Generate greater recognition with clients and prospective clients.
  • Increase awareness of the powerful impact of professional coaching in local, regional or global enterprises.

What are the benefits for the organisations?

  • Award nominees gain recognition as leading edge organisations that use coaching to develop their leaders and improve organisational results.
  • Award finalists participate in the annual Award celebration during the ICF International Coaching Week in May.  The ceremony will provide a forum for organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors to celebrate and share their successes.
  • Award winners enjoy a range of benefits.  They receive customised UK Prism Award commemorating their achievement in coaching.  The may be featured in UK ICF promotions, presentations, and case studies that are included in publications, viewed by CEOs and other global and local business professionals.  Award winners are granted permission to use the ICF Prism logo for one full year and may include the logo in advertisements and publicity to highlight the successful integration of professional coaching in their organisations.

Nominations for the UK ICF Prism Award 2017 were invited from January 2017, with a deadline of 28 February 2017. The winner will be announced at the UK ICF annual National Conference on 16 May 2017.


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